Lobster Rolls: Cashing in on My Love of Crustaceans

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June 17, 2016 by Gennefer Gross

Wednesday, June 15th was National Lobster Day, a special day for me, second only to National Burger Day (duh), which also happens to be my wedding anniversary (again, duh) and, of course, the birth of my son, which actually falls on National French Toast Day (seriously, whose job is it to come up with these?!), but I don’t celebrate that one because I prefer savory breakfast foods. I did devour a cheeseburger only moments before he was born, though.



But this post isn’t about cheeseburgers (for once). It’s about lobster rolls. And what they mean to me.

Why did I write about what lobster rolls mean to me? Two words: FREE LOBSTER. Because the only thing better than lobster is lobster you don’t have to pay for.

And lucky for me (and my shrimp-like bank account), Cousins Maine Lobster was running a giveaway on, you guessed it, National Lobster Day for writing about what lobster means to you.

So, I scurried over to my laptop to whip up an ode to my favorite culinary crustacean.

And here it is for all of you to enjoy while I’m enjoying free lobster.


Is there anything more perfect than hearty chunks of fresh Maine lobster on a soft, buttery roll?

Lobster is summer. And sunshine. And a cool ocean breeze. It’s the feeling you get when you’re on vacation, and signals the sweet and savory start to another season of memories with friends by the beach.

Growing up on the East Coast, lobster rolls remind me of being at the shore, sitting on the sand as I watched the waves roll in and felt like anything was possible. It was an escape from school and chores and the stresses of everyday life.

Lobster rolls meant time and relaxation and endless possibilities. What would this summer bring? Maybe a new romance, friendship or fun adventures. Sometimes all of the above, always accompanied by silliness and laughter and fresh, juicy lobster chunks on soft, buttery buns.

Now, I’m married and have an 8-year-old son and no longer spend my summers at the shore, skipping across the sand or behaving boisterously on the boardwalk, but every time I see a lobster roll, I feel that warm wave of nostalgia wash over me, and after one bite, the taste of salt and butter and flaky, flavorful meat, swaddled in a blanket of silky mayonnaise, is an old friend that reminds me how important it is to savor every moment, and still makes me feel like anything is possible.

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